The next Smart Industry Conference on the 20thNovember 2019 will be titled: Demystifying the jargon: How to make the digitalisation transition. The event will be held at the MTC in Coventry.


The main aim of Demystifying the jargon: How to make the digitalisation transition, is to provide a practical, jargon-free opportunity to those starting out on the digital transformation process, to experience a complete smart roadmap, highlighting the incremental stages of the 4IR journey covering all aspects of the digital transformation across ALL UK manufacturing sectors.


To maximise delegate attendance we will market a cross-section of SMEs from across the automotive, food and beverage, aerospace and other key sectors. We have widened the scope of the forthcoming Smart Industry conference to make it non-sector specific in order to be more inclusive as demand and topics reach across sectors and better reflect the need of industry with the cross pollination of ideas. It will not detract from DFA specifically marketing to the automotive or other industry sectors but it will widen the appeal of the conference for sponsors and delegates alike.

Many businesses are increasingly adopting automation and digitalisation technologies that give them a competitive edge, allowing them to produce more efficiently and provide insightful information for decision making. Manufacturers who lag behind will find themselves unable to compete in the smart era. Technologies that used to be optional are now required for plants and factories that want to remain competitive in a rapidly changing, cost-competitive landscape. 


In addition a key barrier to implementation is a lack of knowledge and the necessary skills to design and execute a company-wide digital strategy. 

Other key barriers include SME funding for investment, and the trust needed between supplier and manufacturer to share data electronically. 

The forthcoming event is a unique opportunity to help both SMEs and Bluechip businesses provide a roadmap to bring these automation and digitalisation solutions to your organisation and to overcome the barriers to implementation.


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